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Average Number of people with a structured settlement

People who do analytical studies and statistical analysis on financial products want to know more about how many structured settlements are issued each month. They will also want to know the total number of annuities and settlements issued by insurance companies each and every year.

These payments are then sold on the secondary structured settlement market. There are approximately 2500 transactions done in a month like December where sellers who need large up front cash payments will trade in these payments that are secure for the future through a reinsurnace company for money today.

Each year there are 11,000 lottery winners who are paid out and J.G. Wentworth does the bulk of the deals with a total  of 1,500 deals funded in a typical month. There is a lot of helpful information here at the Einstein site on how many people have payments and deals that are conducted in a typical month.

A recent report released showcased the amount of deals that are done in the secondary market each and every month.

1. JG Wentworth - 5150

2. Peacthree Settlement Services Peachtree – 4,320 funded deals

3. 123lumpsum - 1,970

4. StratCap - 525 Deals

5. Fairfield Funding 320 Deals

6. Novation Settlement Solutions – 300 Deals

7. RSL Funding LLC – 260 Deals

8. Stone Street Capital – 225 Deals

9. Genex Capital – 210 Deals

These are approximate fundings and not 100% verified but if you have further information for the amount of deals beyond what we have researched then please do let us know.