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Who are the authoratative players in the secondary industry? Who are the primary players in the primary market? What we have come to find is that the clients who are receiving payments after a personal injury do not care who gives them their money as long as it is safe and reliable. After the ELNY scandal and issues that arose. A structured settlement is an agreed upon compromise that you may have received and when you decide to sell your payments for a lump sum of cash you receive the option to negotiate and compromise ont he pro's and con's of selling off your remaining payments in exchange for money today against cash that you would receive in the future.

There is a website from television advertiser j.g. wentworth using a "multi brand strategy" with a bunch of different websites ranging from 877cashnow.comwebsite, jgwpt.com-website, and now structuredsettlementauthority.com using the traditional toll free phone number 1-866-433-8603.

The website provides a page describing how it works for transferring your money to a new beneficiary, updates on and news, frequently asked questions, a guide on settlements, a glossary or a dictionary, and information about the company based out of Radnor, Pennsylvania. In their explanation details of the process they say that a personal injury case win is called :Reparations" that you get from the insurance company. While this is a unique way of explaining the money received it is not common. In more detail the website discusses the contract and monetary payments that are paid to a named payee (typically you if you are the beneficiary looking to sell or transfer these payments) over a conditional period or timeframe. There is a difference between guaranteed payments and Life Contingent payments.