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Who Buys an annuity settlement?

An Annuiity is defined on a basic level as a fixed sum of funds that is either being paid or is to be paid out to somebody each year. Generally these payments are paid over the course of one annuitants life.  According to the SEC's website a more broad definition of an annuity is that it is a contract between an individual and an insurance company with the designation to meet retirement and long range goals. You will receive a large pay out which in the industry is known as a "lump sum" or a series of payments that as mentioned before can run the series of ones life to help with retirement goals. In exchange the insurance company will contractually agree to make their periodic payments.

There are 3 different types of annuities that we commonly deal with when you are looking to sell off payments. There are Fixed annuity payments, indexed, and variable. The most common payments that our clients want to sell off are fixed but we do hear from those that are currently receiving indexd and variable payments who want to exchange them for a lump sum.

With fixed annuities the insurer agrees to pay the payee not a penny les than a specified rate of interest when the account is growing. The insurer will also agree that they will make these periodic payments in a specified dollar amount per $$$ direct to your account. With fixed payments there are specified time periods. If the payment does not end then it is considered an indefinite period. There are others that are classified with the knowledge of being the lifetime of your spouse (husband or wife).

Many of our clients realize that they would rather have a large payment and look into who can purchase their fixed annuity payments that they inherited. We will gladly go over the entire process and help you to calculate how much money you can receive for the sale of your annuities that you are currently getting.