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Annuity Guys Review

Looking for the best daily rates on annuities and other investments? Well the AnnuityGuys.com website has created a website that covers just about everything related to the annuity industry. We cover the selling of an annuity payment and helping you to cash in a structured settlement while also displaying a wealth of literature on different topics and companies who are in related industries.

The Annuity Guys however provide a plethora of information on mainstream and safe fixed annuities. Below is a long list of the 37 different types of annuities that they help you to learn more information about. Our company is well known for being a purchaser of SPIA payments

    Immediate Annuity
    SPIA Annuity - Single Premium Immediate Annuity Payout
    Lifetime Annuity
    Period Certain Annuity
    Income Annuity
    Pension Annuity
    Fixed Annuity
    Fixed Annuity Rates
    Single Premium Fixed Annuity
    Single Premium Fixed Deferred Annuity
    Flexible Premium Fixed Annuity
    Flexible Premium Fixed Deferred Annuity
    Fixed Deferred Annuity
    Fixed Index Annuity
    Fixed Index Deferred Annuity
    FIA Annuity - Fixed Indexed Annuity
    Equity Indexed Annuity
    Equity Indexed Deferred Annuity
    EIA Annuity
    Index Annuity
    Index Deferred Annuity
    Ratchet Annuity
    Guaranteed Interest Contract Annuity
    CD Type Annuity
    MYGA Annuity - Multi Year Guaranteed Annuity Payment
    Gift Annuity
    Fraternal Annuity
    Tax Sheltered Annuity
    Variable Annuity
    Single Premium Variable Annuity
    Single Premium Variable deferred Annuity
    Flexible Premium Variable Annuity
    Flexible Premium Variable Deferred Annuity
    Variable Deferred Annuity
    Bonus Annuity
    Living Benefit Annuity
    Individual Retirement Annuity


There are so many different types of annuities that are inherited and learning as much as you can about them for both investment and selling purposes is incredibly important. The Annuity guys are proud to be teaching the pros and cons of using marketfre annuities as a retirment instrument. We are proud to help you to cash those future payments into a large lump sum. We hope to work with you and answer any questions you may have for selling that you may not have had answered from their website.