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Annuity Buyout from Structured Settlement Company

It's exactly as it sounds. We taken an annuity that you are currently receiving either each month, annually, or in the future that you can't tap into receiving the funding right now and we work with you to exchange this future money for a buyout in todays dollars. The entire process feels seemless and that is because we work with you to ensure that it is easy to facilitate with no headaches and hurdles for you to jump through.

Contact our annuity buyout specialists who will give you the overview of how the settlement transferring process is conducted. They will explain to you that we first need to verify that you have the payments and that they are from the company that you state. We can receive a letter or contact the insurance or investment company on your behalf but will need your help in doing so. If you need a cash advance for the annuity buyout that is something that we can do for you as well.

Once we verify the payments we can help you pick how much money you need to tap into and in some cases you will want to sell all your payments. No matter what it is a court approved transfer and the process is seemless. Depending on your location in the USA the time frame will vary.