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Anfed Bank Reviews

Anfed Bank is a subsidiary that we have covered in depth for their parent company who is a publicly traded bank based out of San Diego, California called Bank of the Internet or BOFI for short. The publicly traded company deals with Costco member mortgages, business financial loans, high yield checking and saving accounts. Overall they seem to be a well to do bank for banking purposes and are FDIC insured.

As for their structured settlement division we can not completely comment positively or negatively about the complaints that are posted on the internet about Anfed bank. This division of the company works on buying structured settlement payment rights, annuities, and lottery winnings such as powerball jackpots.

Currently the majority of their deals are done in California with their specialty counsel that deals with all of the litigation and court procedures involved in selling a structured settlement payment to another individual.

The Anfed in Anfed Bank stands for Annuitants Federal Bank their current phone number for selling a structured settlement, annuity, or lottery payment is 1-855-anfed-4u.

They also work on other capital markets that are not completely relevant to this review on their business practices. They have one major complaint on a common scam reporting website that has not been vetted for it's truth or reliability. Any payments that are purchased by the bank are typically said to be of high margin for the bank according to a recent stock market report for the business.

We are not affiliated with Annuitants Federal Bank and are glad to assist anybody who was questions about working with a secondary market factoring company federally chartered or not.