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Amica Mutual Insurance Company - Trade Your Payments In for a Lump Sum

 Amica Life insurance provides tax advantaged structured settlement products as a result of a lawsuit. These instruments are typically issues as a result of Amica assisting an injured party from an automobile accident, casualty in the workplace or out of the workplace casaulty, workers comp. case, and or self insured marketplace. Any and all of the strucutred settlements issued by Amica Life have benefits that are guaranteed by Amica Mutual Insurance Company thus securing the risk of any default and a tax-free, guaranteed payments and survivorship rights. Please note to check with us about life contigent payments and non-life contingent payment rights when looking to trade in any of your future insurance payouts for cash now.

Amica is known as one of the leading car insurers in the country and that is proven by their A plus plus rating from A.M. Best. They are also ranked the "Highest in Customer Satisfaction among national auto insurers". This ranking has been going strong since 2001 and holds true today as of this writing.
They currently have over 4.2 billion dollars in assets on their balance sheet and concentrates on 3 main core areas of insurance as listed above. They have been in business for over a century and are known for thei auto insurnace, home insurance, and life insurance policies.  
Official Website: Amica.com
Headquarters: Providence, Rhode Island
Speciality: Mutual Insurer for Auto, Home, and Life
Phone Number: 800-242-6422
Mailing Address:
One Hundred Amica Way
PO Box 6008
RI 02940-6008
They also cover Annuities which can then be resold if you are unhappy with the current structuring of your payment streams, personal liability insurance cases, life insurance, and marine vehicle coverage. 
They have one member who is part of the National Structured Settlement Trade Assocation according to the official website. The represnetative is Anthony Noviello whose direct line at their headquarters in Rhode Island is 401-334-6000 or he can be faxed at the same phone number according to the NSSTA Website.  For email communication please contact the representative at: