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American Structured Funding

Is listed as a loan agency based in south Florida in Palm Beach county. According to the Yellow Pages and Google Plus they have a business address listed at

301 NE 51st Street

Boca Raton, Florida 33431

If you are looking for a settlement loan or structured settlement annuity transfer then this company "ASF" also known as "American Structured Funding" is a feasible option to get a loan from. Spokesperson Ric Blackwell is on a Vimeo commercial advertising elderly individuals who needed money for medical bills and other annuitants who had previously sold their payment rights and received more money.

American Structured Funding Reviews 

This company may no longer be in business as their website americanstructuredfunding.com and americanstructuredsettlements.com are no longer live and active. There are no negative reviews currently online about this company as of 2014.