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Lets face it you need guidance and advice for the best way to cash out your structured settlement. Lets learn the smartest way to pay off your debts while still being fiscally responsible. Here are some great examples that can be beneficial taken off of advice given out by financial advisory expert Suze Orman and Oprah.

Example One:

My wife has been receiving money via a structured settlelement from a car accident in which she was in when she was 15 years old. After 10 years she sold that settlement in 2007 but in 2017 she will start to receive a monthly payment of $500. With approximately $35,000 of debt as well as hospital and ambulance billings and a fleet of leased cars for the family. It's not easy for us to make our car payments on time and risk repossesion With no money left in our savings account what do we do? Our daughter is 1 years old and we would like to purchase our first home in the next 5 years. Selling the rest of the settlements will help us to pay off our ever so high piling bills and this will help us put a down payment on the home of our dreams. We still have $150,000 left and selling it now would net us $40,000. Is this a good idea?

Structured Settlements are an excellent way to raise capital in a time of need. The insurance company is guaranteed to make the periodic payments and will help reduce the risk of blowing the lump sum in a tough financial situation. However your right to sell your periodic payments to us for a lump sum makes more sesne when it;s your money and you want it now.