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Advance Funding LLC Structured Settlement Company

Advance funding is a New York city based speciality financial services company that helps those looking for alternative cash flow solutions. They purchase life settlements, lottery and casino winnings, and the all too well known strucutred settlement and annuity payments.

Life Insurance Buyout Division

Their life insurance policy buyouts are for those who are not using or would like to transfer their life insurance policies for a cash value in the form of a lump sum. This is similar to the structured settlement buyouts that Einstein specializes in. The types of policies that they purchase are universal life, variable life, whole life, and convertible term policies. The more common name for this transation is buying "Viaticals". The big difference between these payments and structured payments are that they can be held by a corporation, trust, charity (non-profit) or individual as opposed to traditional settlements that you see those television ads for "It's My money and I want it NOW" where they focus on individual consumers that have received payments as a result of a personal injury lawsuit that led to a settlement.

They also discuss conversion or factoring of your future payments from an annuity into a lump sum today and the benefits of receiving a lot of money up front as opposed to continiously getting very small chunks of money each and every month.

If you are doing a transaction with Advance Funding of New York and would like a second opinion or quote to sell off your payments for a lump sum then contact the experts here at Einstein today.

Their office address is located at: 48 Wall St. 11th Floor., New York, NY 10005