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Access Funding LLC Reviews - Bethesda Maryland Structured Settlement Buyer

Access funding is a Bethesda, Maryland company that is located right outside of our nations capital Washington, D.C. that offers to get you cash for your structured settlement. Like the other companies in the industry they offer to purchase your lottery winnings, structured settlement payments, and annuities.

Their office is located at the following address:

6900 Wisconsin Avenue #700
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

You can reach them toll free at (866) 319-7111

The website Scambook.com has 2 scam reports for Access Funding with losses "claimed" to be at $524,000. One of the complaints alleged is by Jonathon on April 14th of last year where he says that the company continues to give him the wrong dates and times for his court hearing. Once the company stopped responding to him Jonathon was stuck saying they promised him the money.

While we can not confirm the validity of any of the complaints online we do want clients to know that there is a company called Access Capital Funding that does not seem to be correlated to the buyer of settlement payments listed above. The pissed consumer and ripoffreports are about the capital funding group and not the company created by visionary Lee J. Jundanian who has been in the secondary market since 1989. He has helped to find and build up Stone Street Capital which is also in Bethesda as well as Rapid Advance.