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Why Uncle Sam Likes Structured Settlements

Structured settlements that pay you regular installments of income have gained government favor as well. Yet it’s not because you have to pay more tax. In fact, your tax bill will go down compared with other financial options. Surprised? It’s all tied into how the administration sees the overall effect of such settlements on the system.

Now, taxes fund government expenses: but when there are fewer expenses, fewer taxes are needed. More structured settlements in place mean less people needing state assistance. The result is that taxation on regular monthly payments from such settlements is less than taxation on equivalent income obtained from stock market investments, for example.

But that’s not all. The longer the government can economize on assistance, the more generous it can afford to be in reducing the tax involved. Payments from structured settlements that continue over time make for more secure (so lower risk) income for you as a beneficiary of such a settlement. Rather than have a lump sum and possibly risk financial downside because of an unfortunate choice of investment, spreading payments from a reputable organization out over time gives you guaranteed income.

Besides better security, payments can start faster if a competent, professional partner acts on your behalf to make such a settlement out of court and upfront. In other words, you can get on with your life again, without having to wait for a court case to pronounce on money due to you. You can also structure payments to receive different amounts at different times, an important benefit if that money needs to fund education for a child, or the purchase of medical equipment or services.

No wonder the United States government approves, and is happy for you to pay less in taxes. Does that mean that structured settlements are always best? Sometimes financial requirements may dictate other solutions. For many people however, regular income from such settlements fits perfectly with their lifestyle and needs.