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"One cannot expect justice if the outcome of a lawsuit depends on which party has greater financial staying power.  When both parties in the litigation are equally well financed and thus do battle on a level playing field, it is more likely that the case will actually be decided on its merits and not on issues of cash flow . . . and other monetary concerns."

~ Susan Lorde Martin, Hofstra University Professor

We often hear and read of how litigation costs influence decisions related to the settlement and trial of personal injury and damage lawsuits.  However, seldom is information publicly shared regarding how legal expenses effect the commencement of such lawsuits and an attorney’s choice or ability to represent a client and pursue a formal complaint.  Examination of this guarded topic is both enlightening and rightly disturbing.  Einstein Structured Settlement specializes in the support of individuals encumbered by the hardships of pending litigation and, in many situations, can assist both litigants and their attorneys overcome the economic obstacles which all too often accompany and impede the pursuit of justice.

The average cost of a civil lawsuit ranges between twenty and seventy thousand dollars ($20,000 – $70,000).  Such expenses include court filing fees, deposition transcripts, retention of expert witnesses, compilation and production of records, and photographic and video evidence.  Payment of these costs are typically due at time of service or upon receipt – meaning, pending resolution of the related lawsuit and final recovery, either the attorney or litigant has incurred significant debt.  Depending on the type of action and a litigant’s ability to pay such expenses, this financial burden often plays a significant role in an attorney’s decision to undertake a matter.  Moreover, because most plaintiffs’ attorneys utilize contingency fee agreements and market “no out-of-pocket expenses to clients,” many will hesitate to assume representation absent a high level of probability the lawsuit will result in a settlement or trial verdict which will cover all costs – with sufficient funds remaining to ensure recuperation of the attorneys’ hourly wage and time spent working the case.  In other words, if an attorney does not anticipate a sizeable final award, he or she is likely to either decline representation or elect to negotiate a periodic billing agreement requiring the client to immediately pay all incurred fees and costs.

Big Insurance guy vs little guy structured settlementWhat does this mean to the thousands of people who annually sustain minor injuries or damages resulting from negligible claims? Regrettably, substantial litigation expenses and attorneys fees’ make most "small damage cases" financially unsound investments for attorneys, especially when they are battling highly-funded insurance companies with unlimited resources.  Accordingly, as times get economically tougher for both litigants and their attorneys, many who have sustained minor injuries and lesser damages will likely be uncompensated and unrepresented.  Fortunately, there is an option and help is available.

Founded on the belief that every plaintiff to a lawsuit and his or her attorney should be provided the same privileges and support granted to parties backed and defended by wealthy insurance companies and corporate counsel with unlimited capital and means, Einstein Structured Settlement is rapidly becoming one of the nation’s leading alternative litigation funding companies – promoting access to justice and creating a more equitable and level playing field.  By offering a variety of funding options designed to eliminate the financial hardships of litigation, Einstein Structured Settlement enables plaintiffs and their attorneys to initiate and maintain litigation they might otherwise be unable to pursue or forced to prematurely settle due to the exhaustion of existing funds.


Money Calculator for AnnuitiesLitigation funding refers to transactions through which the anticipated asset value of a litigation claim is determined and used to secure an advance of funds.  Simply stated, Einstein Structured Settlement assumes the responsibility of financing the expenses of pursuing a legal action in exchange for a later return contingent on the outcome of the case.  Moreover, because the return of litigation funding is reliant on the end result and success of the related litigation, there is no risk to either the litigant or his or her attorney – if the lawsuit is not ultimately victorious, the obligation of repayment is waived.

If you or somebody you know is actively engaged in a lawsuit, or seeking legal representation in a personal injury or damage claim and are experiencing reluctance or indecisiveness from counsel as a result of anticipated litigation costs, contact Einstein Structured Settlement by telephone at 888-497-0724 or by completing the electronic inquiry at http://www.einsteinstructuredsettlements.com/.  A team of highly trained and experienced professionals stand ready to answer your questions and discuss alternative litigation funding options.

Einstein Structured Settlement specializes in the support of individuals encumbered by the financial hardships of pending litigation and structured settlements.  Einstein Structured Settlement is not a law firm, does not engage in the practice of law or supply legal advice, and does not provide attorney referrals.  Einstein Structured Settlement is committed to affording its services in a manner estimated to meet and exceed all client expectations and within all applicable state and federal laws.