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If you have decided to sell an annuity in order to purchase a home, invest and start a new business that you always planned as part of your new financial freedom, or simply to raise cash in case of an emergency that has come up and you need your money in the form of a large lump sum. No matter the reason the financial advisory experts will be glad to give you feedback and advice on how the sale process works and the amount of money that you can raise with selling either part of your future payments or the entire income stream.

Although an annuity is meant to provide steady income, particularly when you retire there are many instances where the funds are not enough to cover your living expenses.

You Can Only Sell Transferrable Annuities

This means that you have the right not the obligation to transfer ownership of the annuity. If this is the case then you can do the process in a similar manner as selling or transferring your structured settlement payments through the United States courts system. If it is a non-transferrable annuity then your best option is to take a loan against these payments from your local credit union or bank. You can seek help or advisement from a speciality investment bank who deals with more complex loans.

When uncovering your paperwork on your annuity you will come to find that it's a rather intense legal document. Your annuity is tax-deferred at the time of the investment. We can help you determine the resell value of the payments that are left to be paid out to yourself. Please note that your distributions are taxable.

Your options for selling your payments are not limited. Facilitating purchases known as Reverse Purchases where you cash in your annuity payments for years 10-25 but hold onto the payments that are due for the next ten years. Split Purchases, Partial Purchases, and straight purchases are the most common.

There are life contingent and non life contingent payments that you may be receiving currently. There are also GABC payments and other complex annuities that your financial advisor or somebody may have left to you as part of their will and your inheritance. Either way the experts who help you out here are glad to give you the sound financial advice that will help you to trade in your future payments in exchange for a large lump sum.