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If you have read reviews online about a structured settlement company and noticed a review at the bottom of the page telling you to call Michael at 561-512-3829 to sell your payments to because you will get more money we need you to know that this is FAKE. Why John Darer didn't catch this shennanigahns is beyond me but sometimes we have to fill in for the Watchdog when he gets sleepy and falls asleep behind the wheel.

This fake poster has left reviews underneath of articles and consumer complaint articles about DRB Capital which has only been around for a very short period under that name and has likely done 0 to very few deals to have upset clients and claims against them calling them a scam. On top of that this same reviewer has posted similar stories on Highya reviewing 123lump sum, structured asset funding, Seneca One, Peachtree Settlement Funding, and JG Wentworth.

Please note that if you read each of these reviews the suspicion arises right away. Hat tip to the Einstein research team here in Europe for noticing this.