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(203) 569-9821

We have received numerous threats and harrassing phone calls from this phone number (203) 569-9821. It appears by a google search that the harrassment and phone calls are coming from a financial planner named John Darer no relation to the reputable Doctor who is actually respected and well liked in his community but rather the distraught and mentally ill John Darer.

We would like John Darer who will undoubetdly write about this posting and thus continue to help drive calls from  interested sellers of structured settlements to our site (thank you JD you really help us a lot if you only knew). To let us know what is seriously wrong with him and why he continues to harrass and threaten us as it is not right. Why would your mother think of your bullying and harrassing?

If you have also been harrassed, threatened, and or bullied by John Darer of Connecticut please do let us know. One of the multiple phone numbers he calls and threatens us from is: (203) 569-9821